We are a strong farm family with an even stronger commitment to our land and everything it produces. It is our commitment to the land and all it offers that inspires us to grow the glorious bounty we share with our customers. We take great pride in providing the freshest, most beautiful fruits and vegetables, amazing plants, and healthful meats. See the “Produce” page for more about our farming philosophy. The Lunenburg Farm, at 1410 Lancaster Avenue, is open seasonally with a fabulous selection of plants from April to July and a pop-up farmer’s market Thursdays and Sundays June through October. The New Braintree Farm, at 1205 Barre Rd, is simply beautiful and a joy to drive by or walk about. We welcome a visit to the New Braintree greenhouses where you can find us by chance most any day in the Spring. The farm is also available to CSA members anytime – just try to give us the heads up!

In 2015 we achieved one of our large goals: As a very large goal, we will remain involved with the planning of an indoor, accessible, year-round market in Boston for consumers to shop for local goods. This is a goal which should benefit not only the shoppers, but our local economy and so many of the small farmers and artisans in Massachusetts.
Yes, we’ve opened at Boston Public Market , the year round market that is exclusively New England sourced! It is one of a kind and we are proud to have seen this project through. Glenn was on the founding committee and 18 years later we have ourselves a market 🙂 The market is keeping us plenty busy and we are so delighted to share the space with so many wonderful vendors.

Glenn grew up on his Father’s dairy farm in Lunenburg and started his own business down the street selling plants and produce. His two older children, Kate and Curtis, spent much of their childhood there and chose agriculture as their vocation as well. As the Boston markets expanded, so did we…all the way out to New Braintree. In 1991, Glenn bought a historic farm in a beautiful rural community and spent the next several years nurturing the fields back into production, trimming the encroaching hedgerows, and rebuilding walls. Some of these things will take several lifetimes to complete, but they are part of our holistic approach to farming.

Glenn and I got married in 1993 and on nights he stayed out late in the field working, I spent working on the restoration of the c.1750 and 1825 farmhouse. Soon after we started our first CSA (and my first child) and then all my extra time was consumed with newsletters, membership, and babies. It still is! Our son, Reid, has been working the CSA in Southboro and Framingham with me since was a twinkle in the eye and is now heading off to college. We have many members that have been with us since before his birth!!! Faith, the youngest, is our little spitfire and I watch her instructional video “How to open a box” on YouTube every year just to see her cuteness. It was one take and there was NO prompting from Mom 🙂

Glenn’s oldest daughter Kate purchased a farm in Hardwick in 2007 and has cleared land for pastures and built facilities for the growing population of livestock. Recently she completed her own abattoir! She sells her pasture raised meats at area farmers’ markets, restaurants, and through her meat CSA. Kate occupies the stalls next to us at BPM.

Curtis, Glenn’s oldest son, works with us and runs the Lunenburg CSA and market in the summer. If you’ve ever been to our stand at any of the markets, you will have seen his impressive display of cherry tomatoes! He and his wife Halley own Still Life Farm where they raise specialty fruits and storage crops and have a fantastic winter CSA program. Many of their lovely fruits, cherry tomatoes and other specialty items can be found on our market displays.

We will continue working to preserve farmland in our area and seeking new farmers for those properties. The process of reclaiming and rebuilding the farms in New Braintree and Hardwick will never cease. I hope someday Reid and Faith will take over all the planting and hard work here in New Braintree so the rest of us can relax! Meanwhile, we are looking for a farm manager.

Yes, we’d like to be like everyone else and do a little traveling and see some other gorgeous farms, historic houses, fields and mountains. It’s something to dream about. As for me, my future goals encompass clearing off my desk, organizing the house, and cooking lots of amazing food.

Thank you for supporting local agriculture and for being part of the Stillman’s extended family

Eat well

~ Genevieve Stillman

Stillmans Farm owners Glenn and Genevieve

Glenn Stillman and wife Genevieve – he is the farmer and the founder of Stillman’s Farm. Farming can be stressful sometimes…but we try to keep a sense of humor.

  • Where would I be without food from the Stillmans? Thank you for feeding me for another year, wonderful farm family, I love you all!

    JJ Gonson

    Chef Owner Cuisine En Locale

  • We love our CSA!!! Stillman’s Farm is the best, thank you for bringing us great food.

    Christine Camerato

  • Great farmshare. Lots of different things and new stuff to try. Great value, nice people and delicious healthy food. Love It!!

    Louise Sheldon Olafsson

  • I’ve been getting their CSA for three years now. The produce is always great and the Stillman family is just awesome.

    Kayla Bee

    CSA member

 “Stillman’s Farm, where growing beautiful, delicious and nutritious food is our passion!”

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