Conscientiously Grown®

Conscientiously Grown is a registered trademark of Stillman’s Farm.

The combination of organic and traditional practices allows us to offer the widest possible selection of fruit and vegetable varieties. We have developed our own label to convey our commitment to the safety of our environment, family and customers.
Stillman’s Farm is a diverse operation comprised of our Lunenburg farm stand and nursery, begun in 1980 and our New Braintree farm, purchased in 1990. As a small farm we have always fostered a commitment to the land and the environment by using a combination of traditional and organic practices. We were dissatisfied with the “organic” and “traditional” labels as they allowed the use of some sprays we view as unsafe for wildlife and ourselves. We have long believed in our obligation to our customers, our families, the land and its wildlife. For this reason we have created our own label, under which we market our farm goods, highlighting our beliefs, concerns and commitment to agriculture and open space. In 2004 we started labeling our produce as “Conscientiously Grown” to represent our more holistic approach. We believe strongly in our methods and our products and believe them to be of the safest and freshest nature available for all of us. Our new label responds to your concerns and our growing needs. Please join us to spread awareness and support for the label. Our farm has been conscientiously growing since 1980!

We offer the same vegetable varieties for sale as transplants every spring. Tried and true plants should give you the same success they have given us. Find our plants at the farm, market or online.

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