different types of kale
Red Russian, Tuscan, and Winterbor Kale

If you haven’t done this, try it. The whole bunch of kale will disappear fast!

Spray/spread a baking tray with oil. Spread kale (cut into 2” pieces) over, toss around in the oil or spray with more and bake at 350 for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Sprinkle 3 Tb grated parm over and cook a few more minutes until crispy. At this point I dump into a bowl and lightly salt and then eat. In this weather the crunch will be gone after an hour if it is not stored in a tight container.

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  1. This is a great recipe. I usually make it as a snack before dinner. The kids munch on the kale as if they were eating potato chips! This is definitely the recipe to get kids to eat kale.

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