The kids requested meal this week, meatloaf, tater salad, dressed cukes

Funny stories about meatloaf in this household. Today’s is about whether your kids are “going to fall for a banana in the tailpipe” (Beverly Hills Cop reference). I chopped up the first eggplant of the year and tossed it is some oil, put in the 375 oven for about 10 minutes while I mixed meatloaf. I grated a golden zucchini and mixed into my meatloaf recipe (there was also grated cheddar cheese, so that made the zucchini disappear) then I added a chopped tomato to the roasted eggplant and pushed it into a platform to be  topped with my freeform meatloaf and then baked the loaf until done. No issues. A great way to incorporate veggies into everyone’s favorite meat.

picture of meatloaf dinner
The kids requested meal this week: meatloaf, tater salad, dressed cukes

OK, so the meatloaf story: Glenn’s Aunt Marion lived with us for her last years and meals were a little tricky sometimes with the 91 year old. Needless to say, my al dente veggies went over like wearing heals without stockings! One day, a fellow Conservation Commissioner, gave me a huge package of ground moose meat. No, that really isn’t too wierd in these here parts. So, I was busy making it into two meatloafs when Aunt Marion came in and observed what I was making. She then announced it was her “favorite meat”. I worried for a few seconds that she realized it was moose – when I was hoping it would go undetected. So, to this day, no matter what I am doing with any form of ground meat, my husband is quick to say, “Meatloaf, my favorite meat.” AND No one ever let on that the meat loaf was moose loaf.