~member Mari-Jose says this may be the optimal CSA recipe

Grill eggplant with olive oil and garlic – hold

Grill 1-2 chicken breasts, 1 or 2 lamb chops and hot lamb sausages (aka merghez in the Arab and I would say the French speaking world) -all available at the meat CSA – vegan people get veggie chicken and hot veggie sausage

Boil together mixed peppers, carrots in chicken or veggie chicken broth until soft then add cubed mixed squash and steam until soft – about 1 quart of broth is fine

Sautée hot peppers with garlic and cumin

Add 1cup couscous to the veggie mixture and just cook until moisture is absorbed – add broth if it’s too dry

Put the couscous mixture in a large plate and layer meats and sautéed eggplant.   

You are supposed to serve it with Harissa a hot paste made from hot peppers and cumin you can get from Whole Foods but the CSA peppers sautéed in olive oil with cumin is a good alternative. In Morocco they add raisins and almonds to the couscous.

If you are not muslim a dry rosé or southern France white is wonderful with this. For Muslims a melon lemonade (from CSA melons) is amazing.

It is an incredible dish.