Spinach Bacon Fry











Another one  of those concoctions around here that works out nicely. I am sure there is a very descriptive and well thought out recipe out there somewhere. You could easily use chard or kale for the spinach, just be sure it is chopped into a manageable size.

Slice a pound of bacon into 1” pieces and fry in large skillet. When browned and cooked, remove from skillet, pour off some-most of the fat, leaving 3-4 TBS. Toss in the skillet fat a bag of washed spinach, OR chopped Swiss Chard, OR chopped kale. When it is almost cooked, turn heat to low, make nests in the greens, drop and egg in each nest (I usually use 4-5 eggs), season if you like with pepper, etc,  and cover the skillet. When the eggs are set, pile the bacon back on top and bring it to the table!

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