swissh chard quesadilla

This is what I did with a bunch of swiss chard, 2 summer squash, a can of black beans, cheese, flour or corn tortillas and toppings of your choosing:

Chop squash, sprinkle with salt and sauté in a little oil for 6 minutes.

chopped summer squash

Add finely chopped swiss chard stems and a couple minced garlic cloves and cook additional 4 minutes.

swiss chard stems

Add chopped chard leaves and cook until tender. Stir in drained and rinsed black beans.

At this point I seasoned with a little more salt, pepper and some fresh oregano, transferred to a bowl and rinsed my skillet.

quesadilla filling swiss chard, summer squash

Lay tortilla/burrito in med-hot skillet and layer filling on one half, topping with cheese. Fold over and cook, flipping after a minute or two and finishing other side. If you have never cooked anything in a tortilla/burrito shell before, just be aware of burning them. Since the filling is cooked, your new objective is to melt the cheese. I made one for myself with goat cheese and that was lovely. The remainder I used cheddar and jack…but anything would have worked. The family topped with salsa and sour cream, but these do not need to take on a Mexican flair 🙂