Chopped chard and summer squashes cooking in my huge skillet.

 I somewhat manufactured this the other night: I used chard, but kale would work, I used cream cheese and farmer’s cheese, a summer squash and zucchini. It is almost like Alfredo…If you don’t want pasta, use more chard and squash 🙂 Have fun with this idea!!!!!

1 bunch chard                                     8 oz cream cheese or other soft cheese

2 squash                                              4 oz mozzarella, shredded

1 small onion                                       8 oz small pasta, cooked

¼ cup parmesan                                  s&p to taste

Minced garlic to taste                         some kind of oil

Chop the chard, very finely, without any heavy stems, dice two of any summer squash/zucchini, mince the onion. Heat a few TB of oil in sauté pan, add onion and garlic, then squash, then chard. All should be fairly tender before taking of the heat. In a greased casserole, add cooked (and drained) pasta, cooked veggies, stir in all the cheeses. Bake for 10-20 minutes at 350 degrees…it will be bubbling.

swiss chard casserole
chard and squash casserole with a side of snow peas