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The month of June has flown by and I find myself not current with the blog at this point. Truth be told, it’s been a little crazy around here. BUT, this a great time to visit the farm (because the weeds are still under control ;)), so come on out and explore your New Braintree farm a little, pick your own peas, greens, berries…

You MAY have these things: strawberries, lettuce, beets (Chiogga (red&white), Forono (long dark), Golden, White, Ace(dark red)), chard of some color (white, yellow, pink, red), I saw some shell peas being harvested, so you may have them in your box or as an option, kale of some type, and perhaps something else green. Lots of folks got fennel last week and I imagine it will appear again this week. This fennel is grown for its bulb, which is lovely julienned for a salad or even roasted with your beets. The beets are incredible right now. Did you know beets can naturally lower your cholesterol and blood pressure? Several studies show that drinking beet juice or eating beets can lower blood pressure 5 points for 24 hours. Cool, right? They are high in potassium and nitrates – plus, they are just downright yummy! The greens are high in potassium too 🙂 Try roasting your beets if you haven’t already done so. I quarter mine and toss them in olive oil and a little seasoning. The summer squash are coming in, so expect to see them in several forms. All the tender squashes, harvested now, are referred to as summer squash: we grow yellow straight neck, zucchini, golden zucchini, the light green cousa, patty pan (little UFOs) and Costata Romanesco, a ridged green variety. Use them interchangeably in most any recipe calling for anyone of them 😉

Eight Ball, Cousa, Golden Zucchini, Patty Pan summer squashes
Eight Ball, Cousa, Golden Zucchini, Patty Pan summer squashes

More about fennel: It is high in vitamin C, potassium, folate, and fiber. Sounds like a super combo with beets, eh? Did you know the Greeks called it marathon and it actually was growing in the field where the epic battle was fought? Yep, the Battle of Marathon. It was also awarded to Pheidippides after his long run. The bulb is good raw or cooked, the leaves are nice for seasoning, the stems not so useful.

We could use some volunteer help at several of the CSA locations. I will try to get a sign up sheet going. It is not hard and it’s fun to help other members and it helps us a lot. It is also good perspective 🙂

To reiterate from last week: please pick up your box every week, return your boxes without destroying them, read your letter, email us with questions (after you have read and re-read your letter ;)), login to your farmigo account to make contact and pickup changes, and have fun with all the goodies!

Farm Dirt

Tons of Rose Breasted Grosbeaks around! So lovely! The hawks have been busy on the farm and Mr. Red Tail took our oldest hen last week…serves us right for letting them out to play 🙁

The corn is in silk, so that is pretty exciting around here! The tomatoes are ripening and Faith asked for a grilled tomato and cheese yesterday and I was able to give her one 🙂

We have gotten some timely rain and are watching the crops grow.

purple snow peas
purple snow peas

I have been traumatized this Father’s Day by the blue screen of doom on my computer. Painfully long story short, I had to wipe down my computer and start over today, so I am in a super good mood 😉 If I missed you somewhere along the way, it was unintentional. I am sure it will help to tell you neither Dell nor Microsoft have any idea what happened.

Hey, we’ve made it to week 2!!! AND the veggies and berries are AWESOME! So, we’ll take the computer nonsense in stride 🙂

Eat well,

Geneviève Stillman