AAAAAHHHHHHH! Need I say more? Grand opening on Thursday and we are hoping it rocks! Wish us luck and please be sure to stop in when in the area not that we will be there (just kidding…Stillman’s is there! :)) 5 days a week 8-8.

Here’s some recipes:

Arugula Pesto

This is from Gwyneth Paltrow’s book, It’s All Good. I realize this would be better to include when we have leeks, but it’s a thought 🙂 Beet Greens Soup

Baked Eggplant this is a standby, AND, it freezes extremely well. Just freeze cooked eggplants on a cookie sheet, go ahead and crowd them. When frozen, remove to a container/baggy. In the winter, take out what you need and rebake them to heat. Just as good as in the summer!

Farm Dirt

So, if you missed it, we are stretched as thin as can be with prepping for BPM.

Glenn weeding the onions
Glenn weeding the onions

Meanwhile, there are turkey poults everywhere on the farm, deer in everything, the hawks are all busy – especially the Coopers Hawk.

It has been nice to see so many members out here roaming the farm. We feel it is so important to see where you food grows and the love and care with which we do it. Please remember, if you do come out to the New Braintree farm for a visit, to park in the barnyard of our house driveway and not in our fields or in the entrances of the fields. Also, I leave maps of the farm on the bench in our house driveway.

Happy eating!

Eat well,

Geneviève Stillman