The first deliveries are scheduled!

Stillman's Farm in New Braintree Strawberry fields


We are gearing up for the first delivery which is happening soon!
Your first pickup date is as follows based on the location you have selected:

Wednesdays, June 15
Thursdays, June 16
Fridays, June 17
Saturdays, June 18
Sundays, June 19
Mondays, June 20
Tuesdays, June 21

Please remember that anyone may collect your box, bag, or goodies in whatever form they may appear and you do not need to tell us…just be sure they know your name! 🙂

What to expect at the first pickup: To be honest, there usually is not a large variety or quantity of produce early in the season. Yes, we know some farms start earlier…but you’ll find they often distribute 4 or more weeks of just greens and, while that might float my boat, we have found from 16 years of experience that the majority does not welcome a large bag of only greens week after week. We hope to offer you spinach or mesclun, lettuce, beets, assorted Swiss chard, assorted Kale, strawberries and perhaps summer squash. As the weeks continue, you will see an increase in variety and there will be weeks when the amount of produce is much greater…it all works out, no worries.

Generally the first week we will hand out our Stillman’s bags, Stillman’s Bucks, a box-letter (also available on the blog, so please feel free to save paper ;), and your produce, of course. After that, we will see you every week, same time, same place, where you will either pickup your box or select your produce, depending where your pickup is. PLEASE return boxes weekly. Many of you will receive waxed boxes that will be reused as many times as possible. If you receive a box, please return it the following week. They are designed to open and close repeatedly without tearing or ripping (I know a pile of you return members are smiling right now because here begins the box rant). If you have any questions about how to open or collapse your box, please ask anyone. We even have a tutorial on You Tube 😉

Watch Faith as she demonstrates how to and not to open and close your CSA boxes.

About Stillman’s Bucks: They are merely a business-card-sized gift card that we can mark of dollar value when you pickup extra produce. You can use them for anything extra (excluding meat, cutflowers and Curt’s cherry tomatoes) that might be available from week to week, or at any of our farmer’s markets or for bulk items when available.  They are not included in the price of your CSA, they really are intended as a gift and allow you to customize your CSA experience a little. Since the Bucks are a gift, we ask you to use them the year you receive them – it helps with our budgeting 🙂

Stillman’s Bucks for BPM members will be automatically credited to your accounts and can be accessed at checkout at BPM. You will get to enjoy the ease of having your Stillmans’s Bucks gift handled all electronically.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be your farmers. We are looking forward to another great year! We encourage you to talk with us, our employees, volunteers and other members, if you have any questions or just want to get to know us. We can always use help with checking off names or helping members with produce pickup. It is also a great way to learn about the produce and the farm. We also encourage you to talk with your friends who may have shares with other farms… you might discover why we were named as one of Boston’s Best CSAs. We already know we have the best and the brightest membership in the state!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for changes, updates and news on our CSA program.

See you soon!

Eat well,

Geneviève Stillman
1205 Barre Rd
New Braintree, MA 01531