Asian Inspired Lettuce Leaf Wraps – From member Alyssa
I’m sure there is a better name for these, but this is what I came up with. I have done something similar with Mexican inspiration too!

Red French Batavia lettuce leaves

Member Alyssa says: Just thought I would share a really yummy recipe we are having for dinner tonight with tons of fresh produce from our CSA share! This can be varied a million different ways to use whatever is in the box!1lb ground beef
2 summer squash- grated
3-4 carrots- grated
can of black beans
fresh ginger and garlic grated to taste along with soy sauce and honey
Head of lettuce
brown rice

Cook up the meat, add beans, then add in all the grated veggies and cook down. Add in soy sauce, honey, grated ginger and garlic to taste. (we like a lot!)

Serve meat/veggie mixture in a lettuce leaf with rice. My husband loves to add red pepper paste or sriracha or whatever Korean hot pepper spice thing he happens to have in the fridge.

So delicious, so fast and easy, and so tasty!!!! You could even use a pre-made sauce from the Asian section of the grocery store to make it even faster, we just love us some fresh ginger and garlic. Plus we have some amazing local honey that I love any excuse to use.