We love our peppers and eggplants at the farm and many that we grow are available to our customers as plants. We do grow many other specialty varieties that we offer fresh at area farmer’s markets so do let us know if you have a particular variety you are looking for.


Sweet peppers

  Ace Bell Extra early and highly productive. This is our go-to bell pepper. Fruit is green ripening to red.
  Cubanelle Sweet Italian frying type: Early and productive. Wide shouldered fruits first appear in a light green shade, later changing to a deep crimson red. Sweet, delicious flavor.
  Bianca Specialty ivory bell type: A Dutch selection, this is one of the best ivory bell peppers. Vigorous plants with good foliar coverage yield high quality blocky white fruits that ripen first to a peach color changing later to orange and then light red. Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus.
  Giant Szegedi Specialty ivory sweet type: Originating from Hungary, plants bear unusual, attractive wedge shaped white fruits that mature to an orange-red color. Prolific plants bear in abundance even under cooler weather conditions
  Golden Bell Sweet yellow bell type: Productive plants yield quality large green fruits that mature to a bright golden yellow color. If planting more than one type of bell pepper in your garden, be sure to mark your plants, as the bell peppers all start green.
  Islander Sweet purple bell type: Beautiful, striking lavender skinned fruits with pale yellow interiors. Medium-sized, with a mild, slightly sweet taste. Fruits ripen in a multicolor display of yellow and orange to a final deep red color. Strong, medium-sized plants yield well.
  Lipstick Sweet red bell type: Our favorite red pepper and a number one pick from all of our collaborating chefs! Small fruits with square shoulders tapering to a blunt end. Plants yield thick, juicy, extremely sweet fruits. This variety is dependable and earlier to mature than other red varieties. Note: peppers start green, later maturing to red.
  Purple Beauty Loads of beautiful deep purple bells on compact, bushy plants. Crisp texture and mild, sweet flavor makes this one popular with everyone.
  Carmen Specialty sweet type: This may possibly be our favorite grown here on the farm! Dark green “Italian” or bull’s horn type fruits with thin skins and juicy flesh. Very productive plants, maturing green to red.

Hot peppers

  Ancho Hot chile type: The nomenclature of this pepper can sometimes be confusing, with “Poblano” referring to its fresh state, and “Ancho” referring to its dried state. A standard in Southwest cuisine, this is a relatively “cool” chile, delivering a sweet- hot zing in its green state and a rich, smoky flavor in its red state. Deep green, heart shaped fruits are beautiful maturing to a dark red color. Single
  Bulgarian Carrot Abundant 3″ long fruits that ripen to yellow-orange, quite hot yet fruity. Crunchy flesh adds color and sizzle to chutneys and salsas. Excellent when roasted.
  Cayenne Specialty hot chile type: One look at this one and you’ll guess its hot. Long, slender, green fruits ripen to scarlet red. Very hot.
  Cherry Bomb Specialty hot type: Early and productive, plants bear loads of small, rounded fruits. Fruits first appear green and mature to a deep red color. Very hot.
  Chile De Arbol A beautiful long and thin pepper bold, smoky flavor. Chile de Arbol can reach 30,000 inScoville heat units! Very popular in Mexican cooking and commonly added to soups, sauces and almost anything. Also perfect for drying. ristras, crafts…
  Golden Cayenne Specialty, hot chile type: Sure to become a standout in your gardens this summer, this is an unusual hot pepper, for short, stocky plants bear 4″ long lemon-yellow colored cayenne peppers.
  Habanero Caribbean hot type: For the true hot pepper lover. Two words only are needed to describe this small specialty pepper – Darn Hot! Small, wrinkled fruits start a glossy green color and mature to a bright orange color. Extremely productive plants. Note: this pepper is reported to be 15-20 times hotter than the famous Jalapeno.
  Holy Mole 2007 All-America Selections Winner! 85 days.Good yields of 9″ long by 1 ½” wide chocolate brown hot peppers. Peppers are mildy hot, have thick walls, and turn from glossy dark green to chocolate brown when mature. Used to make the Mexican Mole Sauce. Also can be dried and ground.
  Hungarian Wax Specialty hot type: This one’s for the novice hot pepper eater! A great hot pepper, delivering mild heat with great pepper flavor. Carrot-shaped, glossy yellow fruits mature to a mixture of oranges and reds. Great thick flesh for frying and wonderful pickled. Dependable and productive.
  Jalepeno Thick, cylidrical, dark green fruits about 3-4″ long. Very productive
  Numex Sunset Plant produces good yields of 7 ½” long by 1 ½” wide hot peppers. Peppers turn from green to bright orange when mature. Developed by the New Mexico State University.
  Thai Hot Hot chile type: Popularized in Southeast Asian cuisine. Plants are highly productive, yielding large quantities of small, slender green fruits that mature to a fiery red color. Thin- skinned, perfect for drying or ristras.


  Applegreen Beautiful, light green, round fruits. Sweet and delicious…never bitter.
  Clara Specialty Italian type: The original eggplant!  Medium sized rounded white fruits (hence the name “egg” plant).  Very popular at all of our markets, fruits are very mild, requiring no peeling, salting or rinsing.  If you like the classic black eggplant, you’ll love this variety.  Also goes by Ghostbuster
  Classic Classic Italian type: The standard round black eggplant.  This selection is highly productive producing strong plants with high quality, glossy black fruit.  Early selection.
  Lavender Touch Specialty Asian type: Strong, productive plants bear loads of long, slender white fruits with a light lavender blush coloring the skins.  White, non-bitter, mild flesh.
  Listada De Gandia 90 days. One of the most popular heirloom types; this one has 7”-long fruit that are white with lovely bright purple stripes. They are so beautiful and have fabulous flavor with sweet, tender flesh. This excellent variety hails from Spain
  Little Fingers Specialty Italian type: Similar and often confused with the specialty Asian type eggplants, the fruits of this variety are long and slender with black skins.  Unlike their Asian cousins, however, this type has a green calyx.  Very mild tasting flesh is virtually seedless.
  Machiaw Specialty Chinese type: One of our favorite varieties, plants are very productive bearing long, twisted neon pink fruits.  Very tender, white flesh is not bitter.
  Nubia Specialty Italian variegated type: A favorite on the farm, this stunning Italian type eggplant is very productive, bearing loads of average sized purple-pink fruits with vertical white accents and green calyxes.  White flesh, non bitter.  No need to peel, or salt and rinse.
  Orient Express Specialty Asian type: An outstanding early selection producing long. Slender, glossy black fruits with purple calyxes. Tender, virtually seedless flesh is delicately flavored.
  Oriental Charm Specialty Asian type: Highly productive plants, bear long, thin bright pink fruits with light green calyxes.  Virtually seedless and non bitter.
  Rosa Bianca Specialty type: Based on looks alone, this one’s hard to resist!  Stunning, rounded white fruits with royal purple shoulders.  Very dense, white flesh with little seeds.  Non-bitter.
  Round Mauve An heirloom variety 85 days. Round, 4” fruit are a lovely, deep mauve color; purple calyx. Plants are compact and have purple stems. They start producing very early. A very good specialty variety.
  Striped Toga Highly ornamental, this delightful annual produces unusual 3 inch fruits that turn from striped geen to striped orange when ripe. Ideal for fresh or dried arrangements, Toga is also edible with a strong flavor without being bittr. A perfect patio edible for full sun that adds color and whimsy to containers and the garden. 80 days from transplant.