plums galore
Plums galore

Varieties we grow and love:

  • Stanley- prune type, dark blue skin with greenish-yellow flesh, juicy and fine-grained
  • Shiro- sweet, juicy yellow, Japanese variety. Lovely to eat fresh or for plum sauce
  • Castleton- another great European variety, blue skin, much like Stanley
  • Bluebyrd- European-type plum, excellent flavor, high sugar content


As always, fresh produce is most delicious and nutritious when consumed as close to the harvest date as possible.

Store plums at room temperature for 2-3 days until ripe. If they are ripe, they will store in the fridge for another 3 to 5 days. They are highly perishable, so check them frequently for spoilage. I prefer to store them in plastic in the fridge because they will actually absorb the flavors of everything else in your refrigerator.

Culinary Info

– can be enjoyed in:

  • best fresh! We pick them as close to ripe as possible so you can enjoy them at peak flavor.
  • grilled with meats or on ice cream or cake

Tips for preparing: Look for the seam/crease to cut the plum in half at the pit. Plums have a flattened pit that lines up with this crease and makes for easier removal. If you need to skin the plums, you can either blanch them by making an x on the bottom, immersing in boiling water for 30 seconds, plunging into ice water to stop the cooking; or use your handy peeler for soft fruits (if you have one).

When I make plum sauce, I do not peel them, I just beat the sauce up with my hand blender 🙂




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