White Satin, Yellowbunch, Hercules, Purple Haze Carrots

Varieties we grow and love:

  • Mokum-orange Nantes
  • Nelson- ornage Nantes
  • Hercules- orange Chantenay
  • White Satin – white Nantes x Imperator
  • Yellowbunch- yellow Imperator
  • Purple Haze- purple outside, orange inside Imperator
  • Deep Purple – purple throughout Imperator

What’s what? Well they are all interchangeable. It is best to sample your carrots before committing to how they will be enjoyed. Depending on variety, weather and time of year, both the carrot and the greens flavor varies. Yes, you can eat the greens 🙂

The oldest known carrots were white and even then purple, red and yellow varieties were used by the early Egyptians (cool right?). Orange carrots did not arrive on the scene until the 16th or 17 th century. Most of the carrots available at market today were developed after 1950.


As always, fresh produce is most delicious and nutritious when consumed as close to the harvest date as possible.

Carrots are so bright and sweet when newly harvested. As with all vegetables, the sugars begin to break down after harvest. Fresh carrots should be stored separately from their greens…the greens will rob the root of moisture and nutrients in order to stay alive. Everyone knows larger carrots will keep for a LONG time in the fridge before they begin to soften and smoosh into unidentifiable mush in their bag.

Cooked carrots freeze just fine, especially when baked into cakes or breads.

Culinary Info

– can be enjoyed in:

  • Eat lots of these guys raw…super sweet and SO good for you
  • braised in butter on stove-top
  • salad
  • cake/muffins

Tips for preparing:

Fresh carrots don’t need to be peeled, just give them a good rinse of scrub with bristles. Late in the storage season, it’s easier to scrape or peel them, as the skin has toughened up and may be discolored from any soil clinging on them during storage.

Remember to stay safe when cutting carrots- especially the long way for sticks. A sharp blade is a must, as a dull blade will just roll the carrot and likely injure your softer more delicate fingers. As with other hard, round veggies, if you can make a stable flat side before doing all the small cuts, that can be very helpful. I always cut carrots into lengths and then half the long way before making sticks of any size.

I love using my mandoline to make matchsticks or fine julienne, BUT here’s a friendly reminder to stay safe with your kitchen toys. Carrots are tricky and it can be tricky to safely grip small cylindrical things like carrots.

Yes! Carrot greens are edible. Don’t feel guilty if yo are not up for it, but they look so nice when still attached in season. When they are young, and in optimal growing conditions, they are kind of parsley-ish (close cousin) with a hint of chrysanthemum (also related). If the greens are older or it is hot and dry, they will taste more like bitter chrysanthemum.


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