Stillman’s Farm, located in Central Massachusetts, with a very active CSA program and many stalls at Boston Area farmers’ markets including the one of a kind, all local to New England, Boston Public Market. Please tour our farm, via this website, and welcome to the Stillman’s Family!


Farmers’ markets are the best place to buy local product! We are at Boston Public Market daily and 11 other markets like Lunenburg and Lexington– find Stillman’s at a location near you.


Enjoy the good economy of buying a subscription to a season’s worth of fabulous fruits and veggies! Sign Up today for weekly delivery to your area June -October.


With the best produce every dish is amazing. Many of our favorite recipes are posted on our blog. Looking for something in particular? Just click the Image result for magnifying glass in the upper right and ask.


Check out  our interactive “What’s in Season at Stillman’s Farm” page. Complete with pictures, monthly availability, and links to pictures, recipes and “how to” pages.

Stillman’s Farm® is a family owned farm in central Massachusetts. We also offer our amazing produce and plants at many farmers’markets and CSA programs in the Greater Boston Area. Glenn Stillman started farming in Lunenburg over 30 years ago, expanded to New Braintree and now enjoys the next generation further expanding the very diverse enterprise with their own farms. Grow with us!

Local, Sustainable, Safe

Buying locally raised plants and produce supports the farms in your region, preserves land, protects jobs, and reduces emissions.  Really knowing your growers is the best way to ensure your food and plants are healthy for you and your family. Get to know the Stillman’s family and how we grow and become part of a sustainable community.