Apollo loves him some fresh corn! Cat teeth are not the ideal way to remove kernels 😉
Bicolor corn

Varieties we grow and love:

  • MANY bicolor aka butter and sugar varieties like Brocade, Delectable, Revelation, Sweet Chorus, Montauk, Powow…
  • Whiteout – an all white variety
  • Mirai- the gourmet all yellow variety

We do not grow any supersweet varieties, as they have left behind the classic corn flavor in exchange for a very hard kernel with extra sugars for long storage. Since we only sell corn the day we harvested it, we have no need to sacrifice texture and flavor for long keeping 🙂


As always, fresh produce is most delicious and nutritious when consumed as close to the harvest date as possible.

It is best to eat corn the day it was harvested. The reason is because the sugars are converting to starches every day after picking. If you cannot eat our corn the day of, husk it completely and store wrapped in coldest part of the fridge. I have been told by customers that the corn is still fabulous even after a week… we may never know 😉

Corn freezes really well. If you do not plan on long term storage, just cut the kernels off the cob, toss is baggie and freeze. This is handy later for any recipe. We still blanch the whole ear for 4 minutes and then cut the kernels off before freezing. This method always provides us with beautiful corn that can be heated on stovetop or in microwave as a simple side dish.

Culinary Info

– can be enjoyed in:

  • It’s such a short season, we think most of it should be enjoyed steamed and eaten off the cobb – but that’s us
  • fantastic grilled on the cobb
  • chowda
  • raw kernels in salads
  • corn fritters/oysters/pancakes

Tips for preparing:

Steam for 4-8 minutes, depending how cooked you like it. A sharp knife makes cutting kernels off the cobb very easy, taking a minute to hone your blade will remove any curse associated this task. Corn cobbs are great in the stockpot or when making broth.


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