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Balsam smells great, but we are really about the food. Make the best latkes, slaw, kugel, muffins, scalloped potatoes, etc, etc with our produce!

Looking for local greens? Our trees are from our farm in New Braintree or our friends in New Hampshire. If local is important to you , then you have come to the right place. Even our wreaths are hand made from greens cut by our long time friends in Maine, who cut the balsam tips of wood destined for pulp. The decorative greens and berries come from our farms.


In late November through December, we offer 2′-6′ trees at Boston Public Market Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and Jamaica Plain Saturdays. If you are interested in a larger tree, please inquire;  we will be happy to send you a picture of what we have. If you are looking for a tall, slender tree to economize on space, we’ve got you covered!!! We will cut it to order and get it into BPM for pickup or delivery.

You may order a tree for pickup at BPM for the day of your choosing, otherwise we will not have regular availability on weekdays.

We also welcome a visit to the farm anytime of the year, appointment only, to select your perfect tree. We will mark it and cut it for you when you specify.

Anyone in the Boston are can get a tree delivered by:
Jimmy Rider
EverGreen Delivery

We also have balsam wreaths for sale, made by hand with all local greens! We even decorate them with winterberry and cones from the farm!

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