Golden Zucchini
Assorted summer squash
Cousa: tiny seeds in these super fat summer squash
Yellow straight neck, Zucchini, Cousa, Romanesco, Zephyr

Varieties we grow and love: thees are all tender squash vareties

  • Yellow Straight Neck- a yellow variety
  • Cousa- a pale green Middle eastern type
  • Zucchini- we grow several dark green varieties like Elite
  • Golden Zucchini- it’s zucchini, but golden yellow
  • Patty Pan- pale green scalloped type – a little like a flying saucer
  • Romanesco- a medium speckled dark green variety that is deeply ridged the length of the fruit
  • Scallopini- yellow or green, scalloped “flying saucers”


As always, fresh produce is most delicious and nutritious when consumed as close to the harvest date as possible.

None of the summer squashes store particularly well, and do not try to keep squash blossoms for more than a day. Keep cold and wrapped in plastic…even so, you will most likely see brown spots develop on the skin. These are fine, but an indicator of your fruits spoiling.

I have had good luck freezing cooked summer squash dishes and baked goods, as well as dehydrating.

Culinary Info

– can be enjoyed in:
summer squashes call out to be sauteed or grilled…steaming squash is least preferable. Try slicing the ling way and using as lasagna.

Tips for preparing:

Trim stem and blossom ends if necessary. Wash gently…skins bruise easily. Salt lightly and drain is grilling or sauteing.



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