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Hot chile type: The nomenclature of this pepper can sometimes be confusing, with “Poblano” referring to its fresh state, and “Ancho” referring to its dried state. A standard in Southwest cuisine, this is a relatively “cool” chile, delivering a sweet- hot zing in its green state and a rich, smoky flavor in its red state. Deep green, heart shaped fruits are beautiful maturing to a dark red color. Single



As we are growers in the Northeast, we strive to have our plants ready for Mid-May. We have no way to guarantee that the the tender plants will not get chilled during shipment, so we with an eye to the weather, we will ship when it is safe to do so. If you have a special request, be sure to let us know. If your specified plants are ready for shipment before Mid-May, and you are in a warmer zone, we will try to ship your plants earlier.

Local pickup is available at either the Lunenburg or New Braintree farms, or at many of our farmer’s markets. Check out markets for locations. If you select “local delivery” at checkout, be sure to let us know where you plan on picking up in the “order notes”.

For shipping: a minimum order of 6 plants please (in any combination). US shipments only, and we can not ship to AZ, CA, TX, NM, OR, & WA, or outside of the continental US! We ship USPS

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