Stillman's Farm at BPM

After years of working on this great project, the Boston Public Market (BPM) is now open!!!! A year round, locally sourced market!

Oh, and we will validate your parking too! Just present your ticket after purchase and we can make parking at the BPM $3 or less!

Come visit up and make BPM your new shopping destination. Located in the Registry of motor Vehicles Building on Hanover and Blackstone Streets, and the Haymarket terminal, you can find everything you need for the week’s meals and pick up some ready to go food too!

We offer our CSA shares at BPM on Mondays and Wednesdays from mid-June to mid-October. Easy, convenient, fresh and delicious produce boxed and ready for you to pick up on your way!

Click the orange button below to see a clickable chart of seasonal produce available and likely in stock at BPM. Once on the chart you can click on any item name and be taken to a page with produce storage, usage, availability, recipes and so much more!

What else do we sell at BPM?

Here is a sampling of products from other vendors that you will find at our booth:

Customized and Specialty cookies:
June’s Bakeshop

June creates custom handcrafted wedding and specialty cakes, cupcakes, cookies and favors known for their scrumptious flavor and unique beauty! They are edible works of art!

Fruit Pies:
Fox Hollow Pie Company

Yummy pies made with seasonal Stillman’s Farm fruit! Rhubarb, apple, blueberries and more!

Artisinal Bread:  Available on Saturdays
Rose 32 Bakery

At Rose32 Bread they stay loyal to the simple ingredients of organic flour, water and sea salt. You’ll never find sugars, preservatives, dough conditioners, or artificial ingredients in their freshly baked breads.

Wheat Berries:
White’s Family Farm

Growing wheat in Hardwick in recent years has been both a fulfilling family and community activity that works well with their farmland.

Artisinal Hot Sauce:
Alex’s Ugly Sauce

This is the artisanal hot sauce you’ve been looking for! Made with only the best all-natural ingredients available to create a unique combination of flavor and heat that adds a kick to your favorite dishes and complements their flavors without overwhelming them.

White French Dressing:
Rita Brown Inc

Rita Brown White French Dressing was created in the kitchen of a Chef-Owned restaurant in Indianapolis, IN and brought back home by Rita Brown to Charlton, MA where it has been a family staple since 1978.

Fresh Maple Syrup:
Grand Maple Farms

Fresh Massachusetts maple syrup made onsite in New Braintree, Ma.

Honey from Stillmans Farm:
Autumn Morning Farm

Our honey is collected and extracted by George O’Neil from Autumn Morning Farm resulting in a local, raw, unfiltered and unheated.

More Honey:
Golden Rule Apiary

Golden Rule Honey maintains a certified food production facility where they package, distribute, wholesale and retail honey from treatment free beekeeping operations.

Plain and Herb Cheese Farmers Cheese:
Hancock Dairy

Assorted flavors of scrumptious, spreadable farmers cheese. Antibiotic and hormone free.

Fermentation Crocks:
Ogusky Ceramics!handmade/csgz

All crocks are made by hand on the potters wheel in small batches. They are 7″ tall x 7″ wide and hold close to one gallon (3.5 quarts). Each crock has a lid that fits inside to weight down the vegetables and hold them under water, so they ferment. They are microwave & dishwasher friendly and completely food safe.

Goat Milk Soap:
Elzire’s Acre Goat Milk Soap

Made with only natural and organic ingredients, and goat milk from organically fed goats. Free from Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Soybean Oil, Synthetic Fragrance and Colorants.

Handmade Soap:
Dr. Bessette Naturals

They make all of their soaps in small batches with locally sourced ingredients. Check out their Stillman’s Farm line of soaps made with our fresh produce.

Specialty Fruits and Winter CSA:
Still Life Farm

Still Life Farm, A sister farm to Stillman’s Farm, specializes in a winter CSA that spans 5 months. Their budding fruit business includes a huge array of specialty fruits ranging from Heirloom apples and sweet cherries, to currants and gooseberries.

New Products:

Check out our new veggie medleys, slaw mixes, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, frozen broccoli florets, bread & butter pickles and so much more!

Map of Boston Public Market Vendor Layout

Come visit us at BPM won’t you? You’ll find a gorgeous, bountiful display of fresh, locally & conscientiously grown fruits and veggies plus some cool side items to brighten up every meal!