Trying to pull a list of the perennials we grow and have in stock at Stillman’s Greenhouses and Farm Stand in Lunenburg is pretty much impossible, but we will continue to update the list to reflect better what you can find at the farm. Our Hosta collection is substantial, as well as Astilbe, Heuchera and Hemerocallis/Daylillies.

Achillea Seduction Saucy#
Alcea rosea Radiant Rose
Allium Millennium
Aquilegia can Little Lanterns
Arabis Lotti Rose Deep
Arabis Lotti White
AsterSP Kickin Lilac Blue#
Baptisia australis
Baptisia Decdnc Vanilla Crm#
Buddleia Buzz Collection
Clematis Mme Edouarde Andre
Clematis paniculata
Clematis The President
Coreopsis BBang Galaxy#
Coreopsis Creme Caramel#
Delph M Fntn Mix
Delph Summer Blues
Dian Everlast Pink Dark#
Digitalis Camelot Rose
Echinacea pur Prairie Splendr
Echinacea Solar Flare
GerSP Dusky Crug
GerSP prat Laura#
Grass Andropogon ger Ind Warrior#
Grass CalamaGrassost Karl Foerster
Grass CalamaGrassost Overdam
Grass Carex EverColor Eversheen#
Grass Cymbopogon flex Est Indian
Grass Miscanthus Little Zebra#
Grass Miscanthus sin Huron Sunrs
Hedera Collection
Hemerocal Fragrant Returns
Hemerocal Happy Returns
Hemerocal Passionate Returns#
Hemerocal Rosy Returns#
Heuchera Berry Timeless#
Heuchera Citronelle#
Heuchera Dolce Blackberry Ice#
Heuchera Dolce Cinnamon Curls#
Hibiscus Luna White
Hosta Blue Angel
Hosta Church Mouse
Hosta Sandhill Crane
Hosta Wishing Well#
Lami mac White Nancy
Lamium Lami Purple Dark#
Leucanthemum Highland White Dream
Monarda didyma Fireball#
Nepeta Junior Walker#
Nepeta Little Trudy#
Peony lact Avalanche
Peony lact Mme Emile Debatene
Peony lact Pink Double
Peony lact Pink Hawaiian Corl
Peony lact Sarah Bernhardt
Peony offic Rosea Plena
Perovskia atrip CrazyBlue#
Phlox Flame Coral#
Phlox Flame White#
Phlox pan Glamour Girl#
Phlox sub Amazing Grace
Phlox sub Crimson Beauty
Phlox sub Scarlet Flame
Rudbeckia Viettes Little Suzy#
Tiarella Appalachian Trail#
Tiarella Jeepers Creepers#