Varieties we grow and love:

We like the jumbo tomatillo from Harris Seeds, but we also grow a purple variety from time to time.


As always, fresh produce is most delicious and nutritious when consumed as close to the harvest date as possible.
Tomatillos store amazingly well. If still in their husks, it’s ok to keep them in plastic in the fridge for a week or so, if husked, they really are better off in a paper bag. Either way, you have plenty of time to figure out what to do with them. You can also cook them until soft in a little water or broth, cool and then freeze – liquid and all.

Culinary Info

– can be enjoyed in:

  • sauces
  • gazpacho

Tips for preparing:

Husk the tomatillos by removing the papery covers, the stem, and wash off the sticky coating.