CSA Program Terms & Conditions:

I understand that I am choosing a CSA share pick up location for the duration of the 16 weeks. I also understand I am allowed one permanent change to either the pick up to box size and/or location during the season.

I understand that if I am unable to make or accidentally miss a weekly CSA share pick up that I forfeit my share for that week and it will be donated to the local food pantry.

I understand that I may have another person pick up my share for me.

I understand there are no substitutions made for pick up dates or pick up locations.

I understand there are no CSA share pick ups on July 4th and possibly on other holidays at the discretion of Stillman’s Farm.

I understand that if I move or have another major life event that changes my CSA produce needs for 2018, Stillman’s Farm would be happy to help by converting prorated CSA dollars into Stillman’s Farm Rewards to be used at Boston Public Market. I also understand that there will NOT be any cash or credit card refunds in this case.