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Sunshine kabocha winter squash

Week 16, 2016

Week 16! WOW!

Important: I am organizing my records for the off season, as well as CSA 2017. Please be sure I have your correct information. I have a few members out there whose emails are bounced every week, so if you do not receive weekly alerts reminding you to pick up your box, please contact me.  😉

This is the last official week for CSA (except for the folks who missed a week for July 4 and Quincy the week of MASS DOT closing the Pike for no reason).

We are picking beautiful apples: Redcort, Cortland, Golden Delicious, Mac, Macoun and some others. Winter squash is lovely and you may see sugar pumpkins too (yes, still winter squash). Pumpkins are winter squash but all winter squash are not pumpkins (kinda like that square-rectangle thingy). Some of you will see celeriac in your box or as an option. Celeriac looks like celery leaves with a funny root/bulb attached.


Celeriac on the left

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